(★BREAKING) Studio CEO Who Leaked Nude Photos Of YouTuber Yang Yewon Dies By Suicide

Police confirmed the studio CEO has taken his own life, leaving behind a will.

YouTuber Yang Ye Won‘s #MeToo allegation against a photography studio that sexually harassed her and leaked her nude pictures shocked the nation when it was first revealed on her channel, Beagle Couple.

Popular YouTuber Reveals She Was A Victim Of Repeated Sexual Assault

The revealing video now has 7.5 million views, as the last to be uploaded on to the popular channel with over 200K subscribers.

This #MeToo received a lot more spotlight once Suzy got involved, by showing her support for the victim by participating in a petition that requests a full and thorough investigation.

Suzy Shows Support For Popular YouTuber Who Was Sexually Harassed By 20 Men

A week after the initial accusation, and in defense of the fierce criticism growing against himself, the CEO of the studio unveiled a series of text messages that hinted Yang Ye Won voluntarily took part in the nude photoshoots.

The restored text messages showed Yang Ye Won keeping in positive contact with the studio CEO regarding possible future photoshoots. The CEO claimed it was Yang Ye Won who asked for additional photoshoots to be scheduled, so she can make extra money.

Once the messages went public, some began to accuse Yang Ye Won of hoaxing the studio CEO for money. Through an interview, Yang Ye Won spoke up once again, claiming she had no choice but to sound compliant, as she didn’t want to upset the studio staff that already had her nude photographs to use against her.

Anything that may be a disadvantage to be on record, they called to discuss… The text messages sound compliant because they kept threatening me by saying, “We have your pictures, so be smart.” I feared the pictures will leak, so I didn’t want to upset them in any way. But I never allowed them to touch me or agreed to wear certain costumes. I’d be crazy to “agree” to have such things to happen to myself.

— Yang Ye Won

The police took to investigating the case for weeks. By early July 2018, the authorities successfully tracked down and arrested one person who had initially photographed Yang Ye Won nude. The person in question was pressed charges for illegally photographing Yang Ye Won, sexually harassing her while doing so, then leaking the nude pictures online.

The investigation took a wild turn in the following week, on July 9th, 2018, when a driver called the police to file a report about witnessing a person falling off a bridge. At the site of the incident, the police found the studio CEO’s vehicle and will. The CEO had his sixth interrogation scheduled on the morning of the suicide.

The police concluded the CEO may have chosen to take his own life, as the investigations continued to discover his involvement in the leaking of Yang Ye Won’s nude photos and brought forward additional victims accusing him of the same crime.

The body is yet to be found. The authorities have decided not to share the will with the public, but it is said to include the CEO pleading that the investigations “are not going fairly for him” and that “the police and the media only want to listen to the victim.”

Meanwhile, Korean netizens are finding themselves in heated debates over whether Yang Ye Won is at fault at all and demanding the truth be told — especially now that a life has been lost. At the same time, Yang Ye Won’s revealing video continues to receive an unbelievable amount of hatred and criticism, first when the text messages were revealed and more so since the news of the studio CEO’s suicide.

  • “No matter how many times I read over the text messages, I can’t interpret them in any other way than her giving consent… She’s the one asking him for more shoots.”

  • “CAN WE ALL PLESE READ the police report? It says the investigation discovered the CEO was involved in leaking the pictures. He killed himself because he knew he was guilty.”

  • “Just another guilty man killing himself to get out of it all… If he was that scared, maybe he shouldn’t have broken the law.”

  • “Who’s going to pay Yang Ye Won now?”

  • “A person died because of her, but she still has her video up. Yang Ye Won is a lie and a murderer.”

  • “Why are these people calling the victim a murderer? Don’t side with the CEO because he killed himself. He died only because he couldn’t find any other way to clear his name.”
Source: Joins News and My Daily

#MeToo Movement In Korea

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