Suzy Shows Support For Popular YouTuber Who Was Sexually Harassed By 20 Men

Suzy inspired others to stand up.

Yang Ye Won, a popular YouTuber under the group called “Beagle Couple”, recently revealed she was sexually harassed by 20 men at multiple “photoshoots”. She revealed the horrific details in a 26-minute long video.

She was tricked by people who claimed they were a modeling agency. She signed a contract to do 5 photoshoots with them, but when she arrived for the photoshoot, she found numerous men with camera waiting for her. They threatened her, claiming they will sue her and ruin her reputation in the entertainment industry if she didn’t let the men touch her in provocative poses.


After her confession video went viral, the alleged modeling agent stepped up to claim that the photoshoots were consensual and they never threatened Yang Ye Won. He plans on taking legal action against her claims.

“The photoshoot was done under Miss Yang’s consent, and we never pressured her to do anything.” — Alleged Modeling Agent


After hearing the agent deny her claims, her case was posted onto the official Blue House government website for petitions. Thousands of Koreans signed the petition in support of Yang Ye Won.


Among those thousands was Suzy. She personally uploaded a screenshot of herself signing Yang Ye Won’s petition.

The pop-up reads, “You can only sign once.”


Before Suzy spread her support on Instagram, the petition had a little over 11,000 signatures. Within a few hours of her Instagram post, the signatures skyrocketed above 50,000.


Although the Blue House has yet to speak up about Yang Ye Won’s petition, the number of supporters continue to rise by the hour.

Source: Joins