The Celebrity That All Koreans Agree Is The Very Standard Of Korean Beauty

She’s managed to stay relevant for 14 years.

Not many can claim to be universally beautiful, but Suzy can! The star has been loved for her beauty ever since her debut. Now, she is what most Koreans deem as the perfect standard of “Korean Beauty.”

She perfectly fits most typical beauty standards that foreigners already assume Koreans follow. She has a high nose bridge and slim jaw.

She has clear, translucent skin with nary a flaw. With thick eyebrows and naturally upturned lips, she has it all. What’s interesting to note is that while Suzy has the typically desired double eyelids, hers are so low that they can sometimes be considered an inner double eyelid.

While most assume that Koreans all love and desire prominent double eyelids, Koreans value the harmony of the face the most. Suzy’s features are all in perfect harmony with each other, so it does not matter what type of eyelids she has.

On a closer look, she actually does not have a v-line jaw as well. Rather, the slightly squared jaw helps give her a more luxurious look.

Not only that, but Suzy’s face is very versatile. She can pull off various looks, from cute and innocent, to luxurious and elegant, even sexy! Netizens all agreed that she is deserving of the title of “the face every Korean loves.”

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • FR, I acknowledge it.
  • Acknowledged. Suzy-yah…
  • I screamed “Suzy” while clicking in LOL.
  • Pretty.
  • Totally acknowledge this. Now, she even developed an aura, so she’s legendary.
  • FR, love Suzy’s face.
  • Bookmark.
  • I came in thinking it would be Suzy, and I was right.

Suzy’s clear features and its natural harmony definitely puts her high on the list!

Source: theqoo