Controversial Photographer Rotta Being Tried For Sexual Harassment, Netizens Say He’s Getting What He Deserves

The police investigation concluded Rotta’s case must be tried.

Photographer Rotta, who was first accused of having sexually harassed his models in February of 2018, will be tried in court — as decided by the South Korean Mapo Police Department’s investigation.

#MeToo Reaches Photographer Rotta As Model Exposes Him For Sexual Harassment


The police have concluded, upon interrogating Rotta and looking into his case, that the photographer in question must be tried for rape, attempt of rape, and sexual harassment.

Rotta Accused Of Raping Underage Model In Motel In Second #MeToo Allegation

Two models from his past photoshoots have accused him of having sexually assaulting or harassing them. A third model denied to testify for the police investigation and was excluded from the list of victims.


Rotta worked with popular K-Pop models like Sulli and Goo Hara. In fact, in June of 2018, Sulli uploaded a picture that seemed to have been from her photoshoot with Rotta, she received criticism for supporting a photographer involved in a #MeToo investigation. 

Sulli deleted the post soon after she received comments pointing out she should not be using Rotta’s pictures.


Rotta continues to receive a wild nationwide hatred, with his Instagram taking most of the blow.

  • “Not even surprised, you f*cking rapist. Bye.”

  • “Well, what do we have here? Of course he’s guilty. Where’s the Rotta who denied all his allegations? HMM? I knew he’s fishy. Normal people don’t take these kinds of pictures. ART MY AS*. Did you rape those girls for INSPIRATION? Life’s not that easy.”

  • “I knew it. Hope you burn in hell.”

  • “He’s a DISGUSTING man who used his fame and power to manipulate poor girls. Can you even imagine had this case not gone public and viral? This makes me nauseous. I hope he pays for all his crimes.”

  • “WOW and he had the audacity to leave his Instagram account open LOL. All the guys who jerked off to Rotta’s pictures should be ashamed too, you filthy animals.”

  • “I feel HORRIBLE for his wife and kid.”
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#MeToo Movement In Korea

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