#MeToo Reaches Photographer Rotta As Model Exposes Him For Sexual Harassment

The #Metoo movement strikes again in the K-Pop industry.

None of the photos shown in this article are of the model who accused him of sexual harassment.

There have been revelations that famous photographer Rotta, who has worked with numerous singers and girl groups, sexually assaulted a model.


Choi Won Seok, better known by his photographer name “Rotta”, specializes in taking photos of famous K-Pop idols and models using Lolita-style concepts.


The models are usually dressed in their underwear and have their makeup done in an innocent, youthful style with shy blushes.


The victim claims Rotta contacted her five years ago, while she was a student, asking her to model for him after he saw her photos online.

“Of course I was happy when he contacted me. At the time he was a famous photographer…he’s more famous now, though.” — Victim


She says the sexual harassment began immediately when the photo shoot began, with him ordering her to do explicit things with her finger while taking photos. He also kept touching and stroking her.


She protested and refused but her body was in a lot of contact with his so she rushed out from the set.


Later, Rotta sent her a text explaining his actions.

“You were so beautiful that I just couldn’t stand it.” — Rotta


He also sent her photos from the shoot, but they were shot entirely above the shoulder. She was surprised because she thought he kept touching her body for full body shots.


The victim considered quitting modelling altogether after the incident but wavered due to the quality of the images.


She says it was hard to protest properly because the artist had her pictures.


Source: MBC

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