Rotta Accused Of Raping Underage Model In Motel In Second #MeToo Allegation

He is yet to respond to second allegation, but nationwide criticism is growing wild.

Two more amateur models have come forward to expose the controversial photographer Rotta and his sexual misconduct.

One of the two models stated in her interview that she was raped during a photoshoot she attended when she was underage.


Model A stated, “Rotta forced himself on me and raped me.” She was 18 years old at the time.


She explained she could not report him sooner because Rotta had pictures of her and she was afraid.

Model A added that she suffered from depression and had to give up her dream of becoming a professional model as a result of her experience with Rotta.


Model B also stated she was sexually harassed by Rotta; she was 16 years old at the time.


Both models claimed they decided to come forward when Rotta denied the first round of accusations against him.

Model A contacted Rotta right after the first report on Rotta’s allegation to see if he would apologize, but he would not say what she wanted to hear.


Rotta has been known to contact amateur models on Instagram about possible photo shoots. When the models agreed, he would allegedly take revealing pictures without the models realizing and then send the pictures to them.

His photo album of amateur models sold well. But Rotta did not pay the models for their work.


Rotta is yet to respond to the second round of reports on his sexual misconduct.

Koreans have long been outraged by the questionable nature of some of the photographer’s works and are heavily criticizing the photographer on his Instagram which has not turned private yet.

Source: Newsen and MBC News

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