4 Female K-Celebs Who Would Rather Stay Single Than Get Married

Would you rather stay single or get married?

With marriage being more of an option rather than something mandatory, more and more people are finding that they can be truly happy without having to get married. Even just 10 years ago, most people in their late 20s and early 30s were considered late for getting married. Now, getting married in your early 30s is considered early. With the time frame for marriage getting later and later, most people choose to stay single and live their best lives without a partner.

Here are five female K-celebs that have decided to live happily without the pressure to get married.

1. Yeonwoo

Former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo once stated on the JTBC Show Kwowing Bros that she wanted to live by herself. She stated, “My dream when I was younger was to be the child of a rich man. However, my dad didn’t work really hard. He has been working hard recently so I still have hope.” Super Junior’s Heechul replied, “You can make your child the child of a rich person than.” Yeonwoo stated that she wants to live alone and that she likes being by herself. She likes to spend the money that she earns.

2. Hyorin

During a fashion magazine interview in 2017, Hyorin revealed that she planned on staying single. While members Soyou and Bora hoped to get married in the future, Hyorin and Dasom’s answers were a bit different. Hyorin admits that it was because of Dasom’s views on being single that converted her to become the same.

3. WJSN’s Luda

Luda is also well known for her plans to stay single. When fans asked her reasoning as to why she chose this type of lifestyle, she answered, “Because nothing lasts forever.”

4. Choi Yeo Jin

Model and actress Choi Yeo Jin also revealed that there is something that she will have to give up in a marriage. She feels that she is not ready to sacrifice herself for her husband and child. She feels that Korea’s society on those that don’t get married need to be changed and be more open to different lifestyles.

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