These 5 Female K-Celebs Said No To Marriage, So They Can Live Their Best Single Lives

Here’s what they think about relationships and marriage.

While some people make it their life goal to find a significant other and get married, others choose to focus on different aspects of life —  perhaps like their careers. Here are 5 fabulous female Korean celebrities who said no to the wife-life, but a big yes to the single-hood.

1. Actress Kim Hye Soo

In a previous interview, actress Kim Hye Soo revealed that she doesn’t mind staying single as long as she needs to make something of herself first. She commented, “It could be nice to live as someone’s woman, but it would be equally nice to live as my own.” Known for her charismatic roles in K-Dramas and K-Movies, Kim Hye Soo continues to set new standards for women around the world.

2. Actress Kim Seo Hyung

In a previous interview, actress Kim Seo Hyung clearly stated that she has “never thought about marriage” in her life. She revealed that she is, in fact, “already married to work” and does not plan on getting married to anyone else anytime soon — especially because she wants to “focus on loving [herself] deeper”. Her dedication to work really showed in her latest hit K-Drama series Sky Castle, where she portrayed her most iconic character.

3. Actress Moon Geun Young

In a previous K-Drama premiere event, actress Moon Geun Young shared that she “has too many things to do” for her to tie herself down with marriage. Though a wedded life doesn’t necessarily mean being unable to chase dreams, Moon Geun Young claimed that she “would feel bad for [her] potential spouse and children” while being away doing the things that she wants to do.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

In a previous episode of a TV program, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny revealed that she prefers the single life. After proudly revealing her plans to remain single, Sunny pointed out, “Both dating and getting married should be options but never requirements.”


In a previous episode of a TV program, former Wonder Girls‘s Yenny — now better known as her soloist name HA:TFELT — shared that if getting married means having to change who she is as a person, then she does not want it. She commented, “I don’t think getting married is a must. I especially don’t see myself meeting someone and changing my life around so I can spend the rest of it with that person.”

Source: Insight