4 (Not So) Hidden “100 Days My Prince” References You Might Have Missed From EXO D.O.’s “Dear My Room” Cameo

Can we get a new drama of modern WonShim couple? Please?

EXO‘s D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun made a special cameo on tvN‘s Dear My Room and brought back so many memories for the die-hard WonShim couple.

EXO’s D.O. Only Appeared For A Minute On “Dear My Room” But He Definitely Stole The Show

The cameo was extra special with so many references to the 100 Days My Prince packed in the short 2-minute scene. The fans were excited to see WonShim couple come together again in modern time and the wait was totally worth it.

Here are all of the “not-so-hidden” references to 100 Days My Prince

1. “Real brother”

When D.O. asks Nam Ji Hyun “Are you guys done talking?”, she answered “He did such a good job for us. Like a real brother”.

This referenced the fact the actor Kim Jae Young played Nam Ji Hyun’s brother in 100 Day My Prince.

2. “Am I the only one who’s uncomfortable?”

D.O. ponders and asks this question about Kim Jae Young as they are walking down the stairs. This was a phrase made famous by D.O. when he was playing Lee Yool in the 100 Days My Prince.

It also references Kim Jae Young portraying a killer who was after D.O.’s character in the drama.

3. 육전 -Meat Pancake

As WonShim couple walks off the screen, D.O. says “Let go eat something”.

The first thing Nam Ji Hyun suggests is Meat Pancake, which was Lee Yool’s favorite food in the 100 Days My Prince.

4. Lee Min Ji

D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun wasn’t the only surprise cameo in the episode.

Lee Min Ji, who played Kkeut-nyeo in 100 Days My Prince appears at the end of the scene and look back at the WonShim couple like she recognized them. This was a final touch to bring everything together.


There’s all you need to know so watch the clip again and see it for yourself!





Source: S.E. Daily


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