4 Of ITZY Ryujin’s Favorite Dramas — Including One She Can’t Stop Rewatching

Have you watched these?

ITZY‘s Ryujin may be way up there in world of celebrities, but she’s just like us when it comes to TV shows. She’s also an avid fan of several K-Dramas and foreign programs to the point that she repeats them multiple times.

ITZY’s Ryujin

Ever wanted to watch the same things as her? She revealed her favorite shows in a live broadcast. Check them out below!

1. Mine

The first one that Ryujin mentioned was tvN‘s Mine. It follows the story of strong, independent women who are trying to find themselves in the midst of a complicated elite society. Actress Lee Bo Young plays the role of Seo Hi Soo, a former actress and currently the first daughter-in-law of a chaebol family. Actress Kim Seo Hyung, meanwhile, takes on the character of Jung Seo Hyun, the second daughter-in-law of the same family.

tvN’s Mine

It immediately grabbed Ryujin’s attention and kept her hooked until the end.

What drama am I watching? I watched all of ‘Mine.’

— Ryujin

2. The Penthouse

Ryujin definitely has a type! Speaking of high society, she also loves SBS‘s The Penthouse. It’s one of the hottest shows around, keeping viewers on the edges of their seats each episode.

The Penthouse | SBS

It’s a story that focuses on the wealthy families of Hera Palace and the various trials that they face. Thanks to its immense popularity in South Korea and around the globe, it released a total of three seasons.

SBS’s The Penthouse Season 3

3. Hospital Playlist

Another series that Ryujin has followed throughout the years is tvN‘s Hospital Playlist. She made sure to clarify to her viewers, “Of course I am watching season two of Hospital Playlist. Of course I watched season one.”

It’s the only medical K-Drama that she mentioned during her live broadcast. The second season began airing in June 2021, continuing the story of five middle-aged doctors who have been friends for decades.

tvN’s Hospital Playlist

4. The Queen’s Gambit

Finally, the only foreign show that Ryujin mentioned watching was Netflix‘s The Queen’s Gambit. The miniseries stars Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy.

Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit

Ryujin only had praise for the series, revealing that she couldn’t help but re-watch it numerous times despite her habit of only viewing a show once.

I watched [The Queen’s Gambit] and I’m watching it for the third time. I don’t normally watch things again.

— Ryujin

She shared that it has very clever storytelling, saying, “One thing that came out in the beginning was completed in the end so it’s fun watching. I’m watching it for the third time.”

From this list alone, it can be concluded that Ryujin has great taste in shows!