4 Korean Celebrities Who Confessed To Secretly Getting Engaged Or Married

No one expected it.

It’s not everyday that famous Korean celebrities announce that they had secretly gotten engaged or married. Nonetheless, there are a number of them who bravely made the announcement even at the risk of offending their fans.

Check out who they are below!

1. Chen

EXO‘s Chen made headlines early this year when he announced in a letter that he was getting married and expecting a child.

2. Gil

After having previously denied getting married, Gil‘s marriage was confirmed on September 11, 2018. The former Leessang member and his wife have now been married for three years, and they welcomed a son two years ago.

3. Lee Jaehoon

Lee Jaehoon, a former first generation idol from the group COOL, recently revealed that he had married his long-time girlfriend in 2009 and now has two children.

4. Sung Joon

Actor Sung Joon announced on February 3 that he is married and has a child, so he has applied to serve the remainder of his military service as a reserve member.