Actor Sung Joon Reveals He Is Married and Has A Child

Best wishes to Sung Joon and his family.

Actor Sung Joon has revealed that he is actually married and has a child, and due to this, he has applied to serve the remainder of his military service as a reserve member.

In a statement to the press today, February 3, Sung Joon’s agency ON Entertainment confirmed the news.

Hello, this is Sung Joon’s agency, ON Entertainment.

Sung Joon, who quietly enlisted in the military in December 2018, informed us about his news.

Sung Joon had a non-celebrity girlfriend with whom he promised to marry before enlisting in the military. With his impending military enlistment, a precious new life entered their life, and Sung Joon was forced to enter the military. The two only were able to legally register their marriage.

About a year has passed, and Sung Joon is responsible for his wife and his child, so he recently applied for a full-time reserve role.

Please send your congratulations and encouragement to Sung Joon, who courageously shared this even though it was late. In addition, please understand that it is difficult to share further details to the public, in consideration of the non-celebrity wife.

Thank you.

— ON Entertainment

Sung Joon also shared a hand-written letter to fans, explaining his situation and why he was late to share the news.

Hello, this is Sung Joon. I am greeting everyone after a long time.

I was always poor in my ability to express my feelings, so I thought about how I could share my personal stories.

Currently, I am a soldier and I have been serving in the military for over a year.

By the time I joined the military, there were great changes that happened in my life, and with that came joyous things. I had a person I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was happy to hear of the news of the baby while planning for the wedding.

It was a great joy, a miracle, a blessing. But because I had to join the military right away, I wanted to prioritize protecting the two most precious people in my life. So we carried out the legal process for marriage as soon as we could, but an actual wedding, where I was supposed to greet many people in person, was not carried out. I did this because I thought it would be the best thing to do before I entered the military.

After a year passed, I applied for a change in service because I was worried about my wife, who was enduring everything alone without me, so I started serving my remaining time as a full-time reserve member.

As an inexperienced newcomer [to this life], I wanted to keep [the news] of my family a little closer, so I want to tell you all honestly about my story, but I had to delay it a little bit.

It’s happy and good news, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you right away. I would appreciate it if you could understand that I just wanted to do well as this is the first time I have experienced this situation.

After finishing the remainder of my military service, I will be back as the actor Sung Joon. I will be back with a stronger and even better image than now.

With the start of 2020, I will keep looking forward to and striving towards change [for the better].

I am always thankful.

— Sung Joon

Source: Newsen