4 K-Pop Idols Who Went Viral For Hijacking Other Idols’ Fancams

Fans were not expecting this idol to show up!

One of the best things about K-Pop is the sheer amount of video performances fans can enjoy. Whether your favorite group is having a comeback or not, there is plenty of content to enjoy. One of the best types of content fans get to enjoy are fancams, which are focused videos of specific members in a group performance. When watching a fancam, you expect to have your focus set on the dedicated member, but in some rare occasions, this focus is drawn to someone else! Here are 3 times when idols went viral for pulling focus from another idols fancam:


1. NCT’s Johnny Being Chaotic in The Boyz Juyeon’s Fancam

A fansite for The Boyz Juyeon was busy capturing a moment during ISAC, the Idol Star Athletic Championships, where all idols were dancing and jumping around. One idol in particular, NCT’s Johnny, got so carried away he managed to steal the fancam from Juyeon!

2. NU’EST’s Aron and Baekho

During a NU’EST concert, a fan began taking a video of Baekho. Soon after the start of filming, the large screen on stage was shown recording Aron dancing into the camera and having a good time. Needless to say, the gigantic Aron in the background completely overthrew Baekho!

3. MONSTA X’s Shownu Stepping In Front of Hyungwon

In this fancam taken by a fan in New York, we can see the fan is diligently taking her video of MONSTA X’s Hyungwon. This goes according to plan until Shownu is in front during the choreography and makes eye contact with the fan filming!

4. DREAMCATCHER’s Sua Waves Goodbye in Yoohyeon’s Fancam

During the final moments of DREAMCATCHER Yoohyeon’s M Countdown fancam for “Odd Eye”, Sua manages to sneak a quick “bye bye!” to viewers!


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