4 K-Pop Leaders Who Helped Save Their Group From Possible Disbandment

These groups put complete faith in their leaders.

K-Pop leaders play a large part in their group, as they are the ones responsible for keeping the members together. In K-Pop, there have been some leaders who’ve helped save their group from possible disbandment. Here’s a list of a few of these leaders.

1. Chorong (Apink)

When Apink renewed their contracts in 2017, they revealed that the main reason why was because of their leader Chorong. On an episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, Apink revealed that when it was time for them to renew their contracts, Chorong told the members, “Trust me and renew your contract“.

The members also tearfully admitted that they would have failed as a group if any other person was their leader.

The members praised Chorong’s ability to handle all the members’ unique personalities, and how she’s able to keep the group together.

2. Sunggyu (INFINITE)

In 2017, 6 of the 7 INFINITE members ended up renewing their contracts with Woollim Entertainment, while Hoya decided to leave the company, which the members respected. The members touched on the contract renewal briefly when they guested on Cultwo Show. When it came time for contract renewals, Sunggyu sat down with all the members and told them that they should make their own decisions and that he wasn’t going force them to make a certain decision.

However, the members seemingly came to a unanimous agreement after Sunggyu said that he would be renewing his contract.

After this, the members decided to put their trust in Sunggyu and followed his lead.

From the beginning I said, wherever hyung (Sunggyu) is going, I will follow unconditionally.

— Sungyeol

So we trust and followed hyung (Sunggyu).

— Dongwoo

3. Eunkwang (BTOB)

When BTOB renewed their contracts in 2018, fans were extremely delighted by the news. A big reason why they did is their trust in each other. Changsub once sat down for an interview talking about the contract renewal and shared that Eunkwang was the reason their teamwork was so great.


Eunkwang gave up a lot of things and that influenced the rest of us. We’re flexible with each other and that’s what opens up a lot of new opportunities for us. Our teamwork comes from our consideration for one another.

— Changsub

Changsub also admitted that their leader was a big influence on the members renewing their contracts.

Eunkwang insisted that the members don’t get distracted and stay whole as 7.

— Changsub

4. Eric (SHINHWA)

SHINHWA has been active for over two decades, and a big reason why is their leader Eric. The group came close to disbanding when the members had to fulfill their mandatory military service. SHINHWA ended up going into hiatus for around four years, and the members started to have less contact with each other. That’s when Eric decided to contact all the members and convinced them to start working as a group again.

Source: Naver