4 Male Idols From SM Entertainment Who Are Currently In Relationships

There’s romance in the air at SM.

Out of all the entertainment companies, SM Entertainment has entered into the new year with more than a couple of their male artists recently confirming they’re in relationships. Love really seems to be in the air over there. Find out how their relationships blossomed below.


1. EXO’s Chen

In a handwritten letter to fans, EXO‘s Chen recently confirmed that he’s getting married to his girlfriend. On top of that, he’s preparing for a blessing with the announcement that his fianceé is pregnant.

The news divided fans, causing over fifteen fansites to close and petitions for his removal from the group. In the end, the positive response outweighed the negative, with EXO-Ls banding together to show their support and well-wishes for Chen’s new family.

EXO-L All Over The World Are Holding Events To Show Their Support For Chen

Since his fianceé is a non-celebrity, they’ll be holding a small, private wedding and keeping the progression of their baby’s birth to themselves. Even so, they’ll have the support of fans along the way. Congratulations to Chen and his growing family.

2. Super Junior’s Heechul

In August 2019, an outlet reported that Super Junior‘s Heechul and TWICE‘s Momo were in a relationship. Although both Label SJ, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment denied it at the time, they later confirmed the news when it appeared again in January 2020.

Both companies confirmed that they’d always had a close senior-junior relationship that naturally blossomed into a romantic one.

Despite their busy schedules, they’re managing to meet well and nurture their relationship.

Once fans found out the news, they were just as happy for the couple, even poking fun at themselves for not realizing how obvious it had been that the two were dating.

3. TVXQ’s Changmin

Right before the new year began, in December 2019, there were reports of TVXQ‘s Changmin being in a relationship with someone who wasn’t a celebrity. SM Entertainment promptly confirmed that the two were indeed dating.

They were reportedly introduced by an acquaintance, where they began their friendship that blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Especially since she’s a non-celebrity, and younger than him, Changmin is said to be taking extra care of her.

With the full support of their friends who’d already known about it, they seem to be having a healthy, happy relationship.

4. Super Junior’s Sungmin

Back in 2014, fans were taken by surprise with the news that Super Junior’s Sungmin had been dating musical star Sa Eun. They were even more taken aback when the news that they would be getting married followed soon afterward.

Unlike most idols, when faced with this situation, he didn’t give any explanations for the news at the time, causing fans to turn against him. Since then, he’s apologized for the way he handled the situation.

Despite everything that’s happened, the couple has been married for six years and seems to be still going strong.