15+ Fansites Close Down After News Of EXO Chen’s Marriage

Sites are shutting down.

After breaking news of EXO Chen‘s marriage and soon-to-be born child, fans have showed different reactions to the news. While some were happy for him and supported the news, some felt betrayed by him. Fans began posting photos and evidence online revealing hints from the past that showed that Chen had been in a relationship all this time.


Fans who ran fan accounts and sites for Chen began to close down online rapidly as well. While some understood their decision to close down, others felt that it was unnecessary and that a true fan would’ve continued to support Chen in whatever decisions he makes.

Here are some of the many fan sites closing statements.



“Close. I wanted to believe it was forever, but of course nothing lasts forever. I guess it was only me that was trying to hold together the pieces since last year. Thanks for at least letting us know now. Thanks for everyone’s support.”


“Close. I thought that all my time and efforts would never be thought of as wasted. Even after a long time I thought I would think the same thing but I now I truly regret all my time and efforts. Thanks to everyone who supported me all this time. Hope everyone else has a happy time with their fandom.”


“Even though I wasn’t able to take many photos of him with my camera because it was a struggle to just get by in life, I can confidently say that I supported and loved Jongdae more than most fans did. I hope everyone stays healthy and happy.”


“Thank you everyone for your support. I know I wasn’t very active these past few years and I’m sorry to come on here to say goodbye. Thanks for liking me even though I am just a normal person. I pray for everyone’s happiness. For those that wish to continue supporting Chen, I understand and respect your decision. Just be happy.”


“All the moments since 2013 until now can be seen a short time or a long time, but I truly had a great time and all the love was real. I am a bit shocked because I never thought this would end. I’m sad that this ends with an apology. Thanks for all the support.”


“Hoping that my true feelings reached Jongdae. Thanks for everything.”


“Thank you for all your support thus far.”


“It wasn’t a long time and I didn’t do anything particularly special, but I think I did my best during that time. I don’t think I can just let everything go and continue to support you. I think your dreams and our dreams were different. I will go to my future.



“I didn’t know you for a long time and didn’t see you often but I always had a special place in my heart for you. I will now be sending that special place far away. Although I will continue to support you, it will be hard for me to congratulate you. Thanks to everyone who liked my photos and I hope everyone is happy.”


“For those that have supported me since I took photos of all the members, you will know that I stood by them for a long time. I supported one member in particular for a long time.”


“It’s only been a bit over a year since I started this account but thank you to everyone that supported me.”




“REST. There’s too much on my mind so I’m not sure if I will ever return but thank you to everyone who liked my pictures.”


“It’s been eight years since I’ve been your fan. I remember you telling me not to like you. Should I have stopped everything then? You were such a larger than life person to me and my one ray of hope. I guess I’m too close-minded to congratulate you. However, you were special to me and I supported you with all my heart. Goodbye.”


Here is a list of many more fan sites that are closing down.



What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is what true fans would do?

EXO Chen's Marriage & Wife's Pregnancy