Bus Advertisements Demanding for Chen’s Removal From EXO Shut Down by the City of Siheung

The city of Siheung addressed the anti-Chen advertisements that were planned to be displayed on public buses.

It was recently revealed that anti-fans of EXO‘s Chen arranged for 5 buses in the city of Siheung, which is Chen’s hometown, to feature advertisements that would read “Our_Future_Has_No_Chen” and “We request Chen, who has severed the group’s image and broke fans’ trust to leave.

Chen’s Anti-Fans Begin A Campaign In His Hometown In An Attempt To Have Him Removed From EXO

But shortly following the announcement, the city of Siheung revealed that they never gave permission for such advertisements to be displayed and that the movement will be shut down.

It’s been revealed that the advertisements demanding for EXO Chen’s removal from the group were pushed forward without the permission of Siheung. Since bus advertisements fall under the category of public transport advertisements, they need the permission of the city before they can be displayed.

– City of Siheung

We’ve never been consulted about the advertisements, and we never gave our consent. Once we found out about the unreported advertisements, we notified the ad agency that we will be taking them down.

– City of Siheung

The city of Siheung is currently undergoing legal countermeasures for attempting to put up advertisements that infringed human rights and violated current regulations.


Source: Naver News and The Wiki

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