EXO’s Chen To Make His First Comeback Since Marriage News With A Collab With Dynamic Duo

Chen’s first project since he announced his engagement and pregnancy!

Dynamic Duo announced that they’re dropping a brand new collaboration with EXO‘s Chen, which will be the latter’s first comeback since his marriage news.

Dynamic Duo dropped the first teaser for their song, “You”.


The music video doesn’t seem to feature the artists but is set in Italy. Their agency released a making video featuring various Italian citizens praising the collab’s upcoming song.


This isn’t the first time Dynamic Duo and Chen are joining forces! They released their first collab, titled “Nosedive”, exactly 3 years ago. The song quickly rose to top multiple music charts.


Dynamic Duo’s agency announced that Chen and Dynamic Duo have created a new synergy for the fans to enjoy and that it’s been in the making over the past 3 years.

Dynamic Duo and Chen have strengthened their musical skills through their active promotions throughout the past 3 years.

They plan to surprise the fans with a new type of synergy that’s different from before.

— Amoeba Culture


Dynamic Duo and Chen’s “You” drops on January 23 at 6pm KST.

Source: Yonhap News

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