Chen’s Anti-Fans Begin A Campaign In His Hometown In An Attempt To Have Him Removed From EXO

True EXO fans are angry at the group for crossing a line.

EXO-L ACE has started a campaign against EXO‘s Chen in his hometown of Siheung, Gyeonggi-do. The group rented five buses that will feature advertisements that will read “Our_Future_Has_No_Chen” and “We request Chen, who has severed the group’s image and broke fans’ trust to leave.”  The campaign ran today and will continue for one month.

The busses they rented are #23, #55 (2), #99, and #26-1. The bus routes will pass Siheung City Hall, Siheung Bus Terminal, Oido Station, Ansan City Hall, and Central Station.

Needless to say, true EXO-L have been left upset and angry over EXO-L ACE’s unreasonable behavior and have taken to social media to express their concern.

Bus in Korea | Source: News1

Are you an EXO-L? How do you feel about this situation?

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