EXO-L ACE Bought A Billboard To Force Chen Out—But It Failed Miserably

Looks like EXO-L ACE Cafe should have checked local laws before their latest protest.

Despite facing ridicule for their tiny protest outside SM Coex Artium earlier this month, angry EXO-Ls have yet again tried to demand Chen’s exit from the group. This time, they bought a billboard—but it didn’t quite go as planned.


On January 28, fans spotted something unexpected outside SM Coex Artium: an electronic billboard truck aimed at kicking Chen out of EXO.

The billboard says that Chen is burdening the group with rumors and speculation that are negatively affecting EXO’s brand image. It also displays various statistics in Korean and Chinese to support the message.

One screen even claims that 96% of Chinese fans want Chen to leave EXO—a figure which is yet to be proven.

However, it seems the fans who bought the billboard forgot one crucial consideration: the law. Not long after the billboard was discovered, Korean fans began reporting the truck for parking illegally!

The billboard was meant to stay up until the end of January, but one international fan living in Korea posted a video just a few hours later showing that the truck had already been removed.

Reportedly, the truck is still approved to drive around the block. However, even after waiting for an hour, the international fan did not see it pass by, suggesting that the plan may have been abandoned altogether.

EXO-L ACE Cafe, who organized the billboard, reported that a number of SM Entertainment officials had seen the billboard. Of course, since the company still hasn’t given a response to these demands, it’s likely that these angry efforts are making no difference at all.

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