4 Times EXO’s D.O. Was Mentioned In An Interview That Proves He Is Loved By Everyone

He is the best!

EXO‘s D.O. has been achieving huge success as an idol and an actor. To prove his popularity, many directors and actors praise his talent and personality in the media, here are 4 people who mentioned D.O. in a recent interview.

1. Oh Sung Yun director of the new animation film Underdog revealed why he cast D.O. as the main character.

“I saw D.O. in the movie Cart, and he was very relatable. He had the young rebelliousness that he internalized and the impact was excellent. Since Underdog was more realistic and factual animation so I wanted to hire actors who knew how to act instead of professional voice-over actors.”

2. So Jae Hyun director of 100 Days My Prince referred to D.O. as a current relatable character in dramas.

“It seems that viewers relate to characters that do not distinguish between good and evil. D.O. seems like a boy and fragile from the outside but he has a completely different side too. His character has many layers to show.”

3. Actor Lee Yoo Jin from Sky Castle shares his respect towards D.O.

” I recently saw the movie Swing Kids, and it made me like D.O. so much. He is good at everything. I had no interesting in dancing but he made me want to learn how to dance. It made me think I should become an actor who can be good at everything like him. He is a senior that means a lot to me.”

4. Nm Jooahyuk talked about D.O.’s kindness

“I only have friendly people around me so I’m really happy about that. EXO’s D.O. was the presenter for the Blue Dragon’s New Actor Award and I was so grateful to see him be so happy for me. He even texted me saying “I knew you were going to get it”a few days later.”

Source: Hankookilbo and Naver


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