4 Moments When The BTS Members Were Sobbing Due To Their Parents

Numbers 1 and 3 will have ARMYs sobbing.

The BTS members have a loving relationship with ARMYs, as there have been multiple times the members have gotten emotional due to them.

ARMYs aren’t the only ones that can make the members emotional, as their parents have also caused the members to get quite emotional.

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Here are a few moments when the BTS members were sobbing due to their parents.

1. J-Hope

During J-Hope’s birthday, there were birthday messages from a variety of people, but J-Hope was in for a major shock one his father appeared.

J-Hope couldn’t contain his tears when receiving his father’s message.

The other BTS members were also seen getting a little emotional.

J-Hope was in for another surprise when his mother and sister also prepared birthday messages for him.

Here is the full video below.

2. Jin

During a concert, Jin couldn’t help but get a little emotional once he saw his parents in attendance. He shares how his mother’s friends would always brag about their sons when he was younger.

Jin felt bad as his mother would just listen to her friends and not have anything to say about Jin.

Jin is thankful for ARMYs, as now believes that he’s someone that his parents can be proud of.

Here is the full video below.

3. Suga

During a concert, Suga spotted his parents in attendance. Suga’s parents have always been against his dreams of becoming a singer, so this was a big moment for him. Suga does a bow for his parents and can be seen sobbing, knowing that they now fully support him.

Here is the full video below.

4.  J-Hope (again)

Similar to Jin, J-Hope once got emotional thanking ARMYs for making his dreams come true, and for allowing him to become a son that his parents can be proud of.

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