4 Moments In BTS History That Almost Went Completely Differently… And Will Have You Wondering “What If?”

BTS would look a lot different if any of these ended up happening.

BTS‘s journey is truly an incredible one, as they have beaten all the odds to get to where they are now.

There are also lots of events that could have changed what BTS became. Here are four big “what ifs” that would have changed BTS.

1. What if Jin had joined SM Entertainment?

When Jin was younger, he was street-casted by SM Entertainment. However, he didn’t attend the audition because he thought it was a scam.

If Jin had accepted this offer and got into SM Entertainment, then it would not only have changed BTS’s future but SM Entertainment’s as well.

2. What if RM didn’t convince Big Hit Entertainment to let J-Hope stay?


During an episode of BTS’s Burn The Stage, J-Hope revealed that he got dropped from the debut lineup when they were trainees and wasn’t supposed to debut in BTS.

However, RM knew how important J-Hope was to the group, so he went to Big Hit Entertainment’s management and told them that they needed J-Hope in the group.

Thankfully, the company listened to RM and let J-Hope return. If RM hadn’t gone to speak with the company, then J-Hope wouldn’t have debuted in BTS.

3. What if V didn’t tag along with his friend to Big Hit Entertainment’s audition?

V ended up getting into Big Hit Entertainment because of a friend. When V was younger, his friend went to go audition for Big Hit Entertainment. V decided to go with his friend, but just to support him.

However, while at the company, someone from the rookie development team saw V and encouraged him to audition. V auditioned after he called his father and got permission, and ended up getting accepted into the company.  If V hadn’t gone with his friend, then who knows if he would have ever made his way to Big Hit Entertainment.

4. What if Supreme Boi debuted with BTS?

There were lots of people who were rumored to have been in BTS’s debut lineup, one of them being Supreme Boi. There are even photos of Supreme Boi with the BTS members when they were trainees, which has caused some people to speculate that he was supposed to debut in the group.

However, he ended up not debuting in BTS and is now working as a producer for Big Hit Entertainment.