4 Moments That Prove TWICE’s Chaeyoung Is One Of the Most Inspiring Idols In K-Pop

From her attitude to her fashion, Chaeyoung is an inspiration to us all.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung doesn’t just give her fans excellent rap skills, impressive performances, and gorgeous visuals to feast their eyes on. She’s also an inspiration to ONCEs in so many areas, from beauty standards to social issues. This list is solid proof that she’s one of the best role models in K-Pop today.

1. When she said f*ck authority

Chaeyoung has rocked so many hairstyles of all lengths, but short hair is one of her most popular looks.

Usually, haircuts are a joint decision between idols and their companies, as companies like to make sure their artists’ looks fit the right vibe. However, the first time Chaeyoung cut her hair super short, she didn’t include JYP Entertainment in the decision at all.

Instead, Chaeyoung went ahead and got a pixie cut without the company’s permission. J. Y. Park himself was taken aback, telling Chaeyoung she should’ve asked the company before making such a dramatic change.

But Chaeyoung wasn’t about to let authority stand in the way of her personal expression. She wanted a change from long hair and she wanted it now, becoming the perfect inspiration for anyone who needs the courage to stand up to people who tell them what to do.

When I want to do something, I’m very impulsive about it.

— Chaeyoung

2. When she gets tattoos

Chaeyoung is passionate about her self-expression all around, and another major way she’s shown that is through her tattoos.

Ever noticed how tattoos are a rarity amongst idols? That’s because public perception of tattoos in South Korea is generally negative; many people believe that those with tattoos are delinquents and don’t meet society’s rules.

But Chaeyoung is all about defying social norms. Over recent years, she’s inked her body with several cute tattoos—like the flowers on her fingers or the tomatoes near her shoulder.

Recently, ONCEs also found some pretty compelling evidence that Chaeyoung may be hiding a full sleeve tattoo! If the theories check out, that makes her one of just a handful of idols bold enough to ignore what people think and get such a big ink piece.

ONCE’s May Have Uncovered The New Tattoo TWICE’s Chaeyoung Has Been Hiding—And It’s Huge

3. When she writes inspirational lyrics

All the TWICE members have contributed to their song lyrics before, but since Chaeyoung often writes her own raps, she has the most writing credits overall.

She even has a composing credit for “How U Doin’” from the group’s second Japanese album, &Twice.

But if her impressive talent for song-writing isn’t inspirational enough, her lyrics themselves definitely are. “Don’t Give Up”, a B-side track from Twicetagram, was written entirely by Chaeyoung herself. The lyrics form inspiring words of strength to ONCEs, encouraging them to be true to themselves, accept that life has its downsides, and never give up.

4. When she pays no attention to trends

Some people set fashion trends. Other people follow them. Chaeyoung, however, goes with an entirely different path—ignoring trends altogether.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Chaeyoung revealed that she actually prefers unique clothes and doesn’t care if they conform to the typical norms.

When I’m not [working], it’s a chance for me to show myself, my true self. I try vintage clothes. I like things with an unpopular look — something very colorful and a little weird. I don’t care whether it’s feminine or masculine, either.

— Chaeyoung

And her everyday fashion is definitely living proof of that. Fans often cheer Chaeyoung on for her ability to pull off even the most bizarre of outfit combinations. The fashions may not work on someone else, but Chaeyoung has the self-confidence to make them look great.

The next time you’re worried people might not like your outfit, just ask yourself, “What would Chaeyoung do?”.