ONCEs May Have Uncovered The New Tattoo TWICE’s Chaeyoung Has Been Hiding—And It’s Huge

Not many idols braved tattoos this big.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is known for her many unique tattoos, from the carrots on her forearm to the flowers on her fingers. Up until now, all of Chaeyoung’s tattoos have been relatively small—likely so it’s easier for staff to hide them on televised broadcasts. However, eagle-eyed ONCEs may have uncovered a new secret tattoo Chaeyoung’s been hiding—and this is definitely her biggest yet.

On June 9, the first episode of TWICE TV’s new “MORE & MORE” series dropped on YouTube, with all 9 members taking ONCEs behind the scenes of the group’s latest comeback.

During a peek at the members filming the choreography for their music video, eagle-eyed fans noticed something suspiciously dark under Chaeyoung’s lace sleeves.

And upon closer inspection, it definitely looks like the distinctive markings of a huge sleeve tattoo!

By the looks of things, the new tattoo extends all the way from Chaeyoung’s shoulder to her elbow.

You may be wondering, what if it’s just a trick of the light or part of the outfit? But ONCEs’ suspicious were already roused when TWICE performed “MORE & MORE” on last week’s Inkigayo.

Whenever Chaeyoung turned to the side, fans could clearly see several strips of skin-colored tape adorning her arm. This tape is frequently used to cover idols’ tattoos when they’re on public broadcast.

If you look closely, the lines of tape seem to match the lines of Chaeyoung’s supposed sleeve tattoo.

A new tattoo would also explain why Chaeyoung was the only member of TWICE wearing a long-sleeved top in the group’s recently uploaded “MORE & MORE” dance practice.

Tattoos are already fairly uncommon in the idol world, but if Chaeyoung really does have a sleeve tattoo, she’d be one of the few stars brave enough to show off such a huge piece. Jay Park (formerly of 2PM) and Amber (of f(x)) are two of the artists known to rock their own sleeves.

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