I.O.I Surprise Fans With An Unexpected Gathering… And A Mystery

“… Still has such a great bond, they’re literally family…”

I.O.I was a temporary girl group formed by Mnet‘s first season of the survival show Produce 101.


Made up of the top 11 finalists from the show, I.O.I was a temporary group that only promoted between their debut on May 4, 2016…

And their disbandment on January 31, 2017, for a total of 9 months.

But despite the little time that they were active as a group, the former I.O.I members have continually shown off their incredibly close bond. Fans are always excited to see the members interacting and supporting one another in all their current endeavors.

Most recently, the former I.O.I members gathered in a large group, which fans only found out about thanks to Kyulkyung.

Kyulkyung | @zhou_jieqiong1/Instagram

Although Kyulkyung is currently in China, the members that gathered together video called her. Fans largely suspect that the members reunited to celebrate I.O.I’s anniversary. Fortunately for fans, Kyulkyung uploaded the video of her blowing out candles on a cake through the call to her Instagram account, surprising fans with the unexpected reunion.

| @zhou_jieqiong1/Instagram 

But as excited as fans were to see so many of the members together again, they hope that someone will upload higher quality pictures of the mini-reunion since fans couldn’t identify everyone in the video.

While fans can confidently identify Weki Meki‘s Yoojung and DoyeonWJSN‘s Yeonjung, and Chaeyeon, fans aren’t confident in identifying the other two people in the video. Many pointed out that the person between Doyeon and Yeonjung is likely Nayoung or Mina. And the person next to Chaeyeon could be Sohye, Chungha, or Sejeong.

| @ioiloops/Twitter

Some fans even suspect that there may have been other people at the table who didn’t appear in the video.

But regardless of their identities, fans were simply excited to see so many of the members together again.

And some fans even speculate that I.O.I could be planning something for their ever-loyal fans.

Hopefully, one of the members will soon upload a better-quality picture of the gathering so the “mystery” of who was in attendance can be solved.

You can read more about some of I.O.I’s interactions here.

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