Solved: BTS ARMY Are Confused About The Identity Of One Of Suga’s “Suchwita” Guests For The First Time

“We can recognize our members by their DNA but now…”

When the first teaser was released for BTS Suga‘s compelling series Suchwita, ARMY had fun clowning Big Hit’s “editing skills” since the show teases guests by “hiding” their faces with a sugar cube.

Yet, even though the teasers jokingly “hide” the guests’ identities, many shots make their identity obvious.

And even if the guests’ faces were covered the entire time, K-Pop fans can notoriously identify their idol even by a hand or eyebrow.

But in the thumbnail preview for Suga’s episode with Jin before his military enlistment, fans realized that, for once, the sugar cubes were actually preventing them from being completely confident in the third guest’s identity.

The hidden guest in the thumbnail | @SumSumSeVeN/Twitter

During the teaser, ARMY were torn between whether the guest was BTS’s J-Hope or V.

Comparing V’s hands to the guest, it seemed likely the hidden guest was him.

Until they compared J-Hope’s hands, and it seemed similarly probable.

Some fans pointed out that V might have been in Mexico when the episode was filmed, making it seem more likely that J-Hope was the guest.

But fans were left torn between the two idols, meaning the sugar cubes had finally, ironically, served their purpose.

And now that the episode has been released, it was revealed that the hidden guest was indeed J-Hope, who shared a heartwarming moment with Suga and Jin during the episode.

BTS’s Suga, J-Hope, and Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

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