Somi And Doyeon Prove Their Friendship Is Everlasting In Recent Instagram Updates

I.O.I’s friendship is never-ending.

Although I.O.I disbanded back in 2017, after the temporary group only promoted for a year, the eleven members grew incredibly close to one another.

Even now, five years later, the friendship between the members seems stronger than ever.


From Chungha running down the street excitedly when she saw Somi to Somi getting most of her former members to film TikTok challenges with her, the members seem to stay in constant contact.

I.O.I filming “Very Very Very” 

And recently, soloist Somi and Weki Meki‘s Doyeon further proved how close the members still are.

Fans of Doyeon were surprised when they opened the idol’s Instagram to find that Doyeon and Somi had just gone on a friend date. Doyeon uploaded many photos from their time together, showing just how much fun the two had with each other.

From an adorable selfie.

Somi (left) and Weki Meki’s Doyeon (right) | @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

To blurry, candid photos that Somi and Doyeon took of each other.

Weki Meki’s Doyeon | @lafilledhiver_/Instagram
Somi | @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

To the delicious food and drinks they shared.

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram
| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram
| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

To another selfie the two took.

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

To some cute photo booth photos.

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

And even a timelapse video of the two of them chatting while eating.

It was clear that these two good friends had a wonderful time.

But aside from eating and visiting a photo booth, the two must also have done some shopping.

Since Doyeon uploaded a photo of the two of them at a store to her Instagram story.

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

And Somi posted some more candid photos that Doyeon took of her to her own Instagram story, captioning it “I like” and tagging Doyeon’s account.

Doyeon reposted Somi’s story, adding, “I picked out that hat for you, so you have to wear it every day.”

| @lafilledhiver_/Instagram

Fans love seeing the two spending time together, and many of them were joking that the video Doyeon posted helps them identify what type of friends they are to each other.

They believe the timelapse video shows that Somi is a more talkative friend while Doyeon is the type just to sit there and happily listen.

Undoubtedly, these two will always be the best of friends.

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