4 Times NCT DREAM’s Chenle Boosted Jisung’s Confidence In His Insecurity

Chenle never lets Jisung talk negatively about himself.

Just like the average person, NCT DREAM‘s Jisung has an insecurity about himself that he’s not fully confident in. Fortunately, Chenle is always there to turn it from a negative into a positive. Here are four times Chenle was a true friend by squashing Jisung’s insecurities.

Chenle and Jisung. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

1. Team No Bangs

During a live broadcast, Chenle confessed that he’d worn his hair down for a particular reason. He wanted to hide his swollen eyes.

Jisung felt that he could relate and said, “Then I have to keep my bangs down every day. My eyes are swollen every day.

As soon as the words left Jisung’s mouth, Chenle explained why he didn’t need to hide them at all. He received Jisung’s thanks by instead saying, “It’s okay. It’s your charm.

2. Compliment Surprise

When the members played some mini-games, Chenle couldn’t pass up the chance to boost Jisung’s confidence.

Taking them all by surprise by changing the subject and making them laugh, Chenle announced, “Jisung, your eyes are too big.

| @jinyeonggwi/Twitter

Sporting the cutest smile at Chenle’s words, Jisung accepted the compliment.

| @jinyeonggwi/Twitter

3. No Apologies

As Jisung dug around in a box to pull out letters to decorate their lightsticks, Jisung apologized for not being able to see well, focusing on his insecurity. He said, “Sorry, my eyes are relatively small.

Chenle swooped right in and quickly denied it, “I don’t think so.

That wasn’t the only time Chenle stopped Jisung’s negative talk about his insecurity at the speed of light.

4. No Makeup Needed

During a different live broadcast, Jisung shared why they didn’t go for more of a bare-faced and laid-back look.

He said, “We wanted to look casual today, but my eyes are too small. I asked them for the eye makeup.

After asking why and quickly realizing the answer, Chenle stopped Jisung in his tracks. Chenle said, “Stop it. Your eyes are big!

Just like a true friend, Chenle will always have Jisung’s back when it comes to boosting his confidence and making him realize he’s being too hard on himself. In fact, everyone needs a supportive friend like Chenle by their side.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter
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