4 Surprising Theories About TWICE You Probably Didn’t Know About

Conspiracy theorists unite!

Here are some of the most popular conspiracy theories about TWICE!


1. Dance The Night Away'(DTNA) Was a Horror Concept All Along

According to YouTuber KPOP Junkee, the members themselves have hinted at the DTNA comeback as leaning towards the horror side. If simply judged by the video itself, however, this comeback looks like it has nothing to do with the macabre. But if you delve a little deeper, you will notice more- so much more!

Original fan theories stated that members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo and Mina were ghosts/demons due to the black outfits that they wore:


 And that they were trying to get the members that survived a shipwreck (Sana, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu) on to the other side. Jihyo is assumed to be an ethereal being trying to save them from the ghosts/demons, because she is the only one dressed in all white during the night portion of the MV. She is also almost never seen interacting with the other 4 “ghostly” members throughout the MV.


2. Yes or Yes Is Another Horror Concept

While TWICE is known for their bubbly and cute concepts, after the DTNA theory, here’s another horror theory! The Yes or Yes comeback, supposedly signifying strong, empowered women who only take ‘yes’ for an answer, has a dark side as well!


While the setting of the MV is at a carnival for most of its duration, at the end of the MV, we see TWICE on a stage coming out of a forest.The forest appears to be in the middle of nowhere; in the beginning of the MV Jeongyeon was also seen driving into it.

 Remember DTNA? They were also in the middle of nowhere in that MV, trudging through a forest also led by Jeongyeon!

In this comeback, the lyrics of Yes or Yes denotes that there is only one answer, and that the word ‘no’ is not an option. Fan-theories state that they’re seemingly luring people as sirens (the island in DTNA) and forcing them to stay with them against their will (because it’s yes or yes!).

3. The Hate You Give: Jeongyeon and Jimin edition

The famed but assumed mutual annoyance between Jeongyeon and BTS’s Jimin is something of a running joke between ARMYs and ONCE’s, and has been for a while!


There’s this classic moment when Jeongyeon remains largely unimpressed with Jimin:

Jimin has also been caught giving her a rather unfriendly “look” when Jeongyeon sang along with BTS at a music show.


Whether it’s true or not, nobody knows, but it makes for one interesting fan-theory!

4. The Dahyun-Sana Connection in Their Latest ‘Feel Special’ Teasers

Last but not the least, in their respective teasers for their upcoming comeback ‘Feel Special’, members Dahyun and Sana are said to have a close connection! In Sana’s teaser, she is seated, her hair (dyed the official colors of TWICE) wet, as if from the rain, and she looks up as a person passes by her and stares blankly into the camera.


In Dahyun’s teaser, she holds an umbrella (which is in TWICE’s official colors) and walks charmingly in the rain, avoiding eye-contact with the camera the entire time.


Fans are buzzing with theories about how they could be related; that Dahyun is the person who passes by Sana while she sits drenched from the rain, and that there’s going to be a SaiDa moment elaborated upon in the official MV!


Source: KPOP Junkee and KPOP Junkee