These 4 Popular K-Dramas Turned Out To Be The Most Frustrating Shows The Internet Has Watched

There are plenty of K-Dramas made every year, but not all of them live up to our expectations.

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There are plenty of K-Dramas made every year, but not all of them live up to our expectations. In fact, a lot don’t. While it’s all up to your own preferences, there will always be those few series that just push you the wrong way.

Whether it’s terrible characters, an insane plot, or a what-just-happened ending, these 4 K-Dramas were just some of the many frustrating shows that the Internet has experienced.

1. The Penthouse

The residents of Hera Palace, a luxury penthouse apartment, have many secrets and ambitions. Shim Su Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah), born into wealth, is the queen of the penthouse. Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) does all she can to give everything to her daughter. Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) comes from a poor family background but hopes to enter high society by becoming the queen of the penthouse. A battle for wealth, power, and prestige begins.

The Penthouse is a Makjang Drama, meaning an “Over-the-top Drama,” so, in some ways, it’s meant to be frustrating. This, of course, isn’t for everyone. This show easily gets people stressed and on the edge of their seats while sometimes not making much sense, making it quite a difficult watch.

2. Record of Youth

Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) is a smart, handsome, and kind man who happens to be a popular model. His dream is to become an actor, but he has failed in many auditions. Meanwhile, Ahn Jung Ha (Park So Dam) works as a make-up artist. Cheerful on the outside but lonely on the inside, Jung Ha relieves her stress by fangirling over idols.

Record of Youth drew people in with their amazing cast but sadly fell very short of their expectations. Many people weren’t happy with the couple’s chemistry and were extremely frustrated with how horrible the Male Lead’s father and brother were. When you can’t stand to watch the main couple, it’s impossible to watch the series.

3. Something in the Rain

Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin) is a woman in her mid-30s who doesn’t know what it’s like to date a man. Men often think she is clumsy, bland, reckless, and foolish, causing them to break up with her easily. Then, Seo Joon Hee (Jung Hae In) reappears in her life. Joon Hee is Jin Ah’s childhood friend, who used to live next door. She always remembered him as a little kid, but now, he’s a tall, masculine man! Although she is surprised by his appearance, her gut tells her that she could truly fall in love this time.

For fans, the Female Lead’s mother was so unbelievably unbearable that it caused many people to drop the series early. Other viewers had issues with the Female Lead in general and said that the entire last half of the show was awful and ridiculous.

4. Love Alarm

The mobile app Love Alarm rings when someone likes you and is within 10 meters of you. The app also shows how many people like you but doesn’t reveal specific details. Kim Jo Jo (Kim So Hyun) cheerful high school student who lives with her Aunt, as he parents died when she was young. Living there is awful for her. She doesn’t download the app as her phone isn’t new enough.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) is a popular student at the same high school. He is the son of a wealthy family, but his parents don’t love him. His best friend Lee Hye Yeong (Jung Ga Ram) also goes to the same high school. Hwang Sun Oh notices that his best friend likes Kim Jo Jo and kisses her to test him. 

Almost everyone was fine with season 1, but season 2 was where things began to go downhill. Ultimately it came down to the characters not communicating with each other, which was frustrating to watch. The second season left a lot unanswered while also bringing in new points that were never delved into. It just did a 180, and both the plot and the characters weren’t the same.

Source: Reddit
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