4 Reasons Why BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is The Perfect Ambassador For Chanel

Chanel made the perfect choice in Jennie.

It’s been two years since BLACKPINK’s Jennie became an endorser for Chanel, and she’s still going strong as the face of the brand. But what is it that makes Jennie the perfect Human Chanel model? Here are just a few reasons why she fits the brand so well.

1. She gives Chanel a trendy edge

When Chanel first began working with Jennie, a spokesperson said they chose her for her trendy style.

Typically, Chanel has been seen as a classic brand aimed at older, more mature women. But when the brand wanted to target a younger audience, they knew Jennie would be the perfect choice to make the brand seem trendy.

Given how Jennie has earned the nickname “Jensetter” for her uncanny ability to set fashion trends without even trying, it’s no surprise that Chanel knew she’d be able to change the brand’s image.

2. She shows how Chanel can be casual

Jennie’s ability to mix and match a range of styles and still make them work is another reason why she’s the ideal Chanel ambassador.

By pairing luxury Chanel items with casual pieces (for example, her white Chanel sweater and light jeans combo), she shows the brand’s audience that Chanel isn’t just for high-end occasions.

Chanel once revealed that while the brand styles her at official events, Jennie’s daily outfits are mostly from her own wardrobe. That gives her full credit for all the amazing mixed-and-matched Chanel looks she’s come up with.

3. She has the perfect proportions

Jennie also has the perfect proportions to show off Chanel clothes at their best.

Netizens constantly complement her body—especially her “ant waist”, toned thighs, and overall hourglass figure.

4. She’s an Instagram queen

In the modern age, any brand that wants to be successful needs a solid media presence—and that’s where Jennie comes in for Chanel.

Whether she’s showing off a Chanel purse or snapping pics with Chanel perfume, she always draws attention to the brand on Instagram.

And with a staggering 24 million Instagram followers, there are certainly a lot of people paying attention to her.