Here Are 4 Reasons Why BTS’s Jungkook Should Require Supervision At All Times

Someone come claim their maknae 😂

BTS‘s Jungkook is known for many things: he’s cool, he’s talented and to top it all off, he’s incredibly good looking. To his fans and BTS hyungs, however, he is their goofy maknae and he proves it in these photos. Let’s take a look at why netizens think Jungkook should never be left alone!

1. Jungkook, How Did You Stick That Landing?

| theqoo

First up, we have the crazy BTS maknae of the group looking like an actual spider monkey. We have the gorgeous Jimin who is just tousling his hair and smiling for the camera. Then we look behind Jimin to see an unmentionable figure. Who is it, you may ask? It’s Jungkook, just casually flying through the air. Someone please tell us that there was a mattress or a ball pit below him because we can’t imagine how he would stick that landing without breaking his body.

2. Um, Someone Help Him…Anyone?

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Next up, we have the charismatic leader RM smiling big for the camera and Suga looking at his leader with hearts in his eyes. Where is Jungkook, you may ask? He is behind the two BTS members, nonchalantly just hanging off the stair railing. We have so many questions about this photo. First of all, how is he doing that? Secondly, why is he doing that? Lastly, is no one concerned for his well-being? We’re just going to assume that everyone is used to his crazy antics and have decided that ignoring him is the best way to go.

3. Explain Yourself Jeon Jungkook

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This one is definitely not as crazy as the previous two, but it still makes it onto this list because, why Jungkook? The rest of the members are seen dancing along, cooperating and engaging with the rest of the group for a filming. His hyungs are all doing their collaborative thing and then we have Jungkook doing his own thing, as per usual. He can be seen in the way back behind everyone holding a sign, doing God knows what with it. Are we even surprised at this point? Honestly, we would pay an alarming amount of money to see what goes through this man’s head.

4. Seriously, Does Anyone See What’s Happening?

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Last but certainly not least is this peculiar photo. Seriously, can someone explain to us what is going on? We have baby V looking absolutely adorable doing his signature peace sign for the camera. He has his heavy eyeliner on and backwards hat but it’s what’s behind him that gets our attention. We have Jungkook in the background of the photo, once again doing what he does best, which is being a massive oddball. How does he manage to get himself into these obscure positions without hurting himself? Is nobody else concerned?

| theqoo

Netizens thought that these photos were just too cute and had some things they wanted to share with the rest of the internet world.

  • “The maknae is so cute ha ha”
  • “We always need to keep an eye on our makenae ha ha ha when he couldn’t win over his hyungs who were being crazy he was in the corner? He was watching them”
  • “BTS Jungkook is so adorable”
  • “And I laugh again today because of Jungkook”
  • “He’s literally flying in the photo ha ha ha”
  • “Omg ha ha he is so cute”


Oh Jungkook, even when you’re giving your fans a heart attack you somehow manage to make it adorable and lovely!

Source: theqoo