4 Successful K-Pop Idols Who Did Not Take College Entrance Exams

There is not just one path to success!

The Korean SATs, better known as “su-neung,” are a must-have for Korean high school students seeking to enter college. College hopefuls will even retake the exams the following year to get into certain schools or courses. It has become a growing trend for K-Pop idols, like IVE‘s Wonyoung, to decide to not take the exam and go against the norm, still reaching success despite delaying their further education.

Here are a few super successful idols who did not take college entrance exams!

1. IU

IU shared that she would not be taking her college entrance exams for the sake of furthering her career. She stated that she would go to university “when she was ready,” a completely valid choice! Due to finding success after her debut at just fifteen, she also felt like she wasn’t prepared enough to take the exam.

2. BoA

One of the first K-Pop idols to publicly decline taking the CSAT, it only made sense that BoA would continue focusing on her career. Having debuted at thirteen, BoA would have already been in the industry for close to five years by the time she was to take these exams.

3. Suzy

Actress Suzy was one of the many 94-line idols to opt out of taking the CSAT. When asked why in an interview Suzy, who was busy with her promotions as a member of Miss A and acting at the time, stated that she didn’t think she’d be able to fulfill her school life because of work. Suzy choosing her career over college has had great results and she is one of the hottest actress at the moment!

4. BTS’s Jungkook

In 2016, it was announced that Jungkook was one of several idols that were opting out of taking the college entrance exams. In spite of this, Jungkook was able to enroll in Global Cyber University just a few years later and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment. Jungkook was even awarded the “President’s Award,” the highest award given to graduates.

These are just some of the many successful idols who decided to put their careers first over education!