Here Are The 4 Things Jay Park Looks For When Signing New Artists To His Label

“I’m looking for people who love and have a passion for this…”

In his recent interview with SBS PopAsia‘s Andy Trieu, Jay Park revealed that creative talent is not the only thing new artists need to sign with his label AOMG. As a leader of one of the most successful — and most highly desired — hiphop record labels in Korea, the seasoned rapper has come to set some priorities when taking in rookies under his wing. Here are 4 things that Jay Park looks for when signing someone to his label.


1. Talent

Rapper Woo Won Jae, signed 2017

Of course, talent is a big part. Talent is definitely a big part. But talent will only get you so far.

— Jay Park


2. Diligence

Rapper Simon Dominic, signed 2014

Do you have the mental [strength] and will power to keep on going, even when things are not going your way? Or even if, you know, it’s going way worse than you expected it to — will you not give up?

— Jay Park


3. Drive

Rapper Loco, signed between 2013-2015

Are they just looking for fame and for money? Because if you are just chasing the fame and the money, you won’t care about how you achieve that fame and money. So there’s not going to be a strong foundation… And without a strong foundation, it could crumble like that.

— Jay Park


4. Sincerity

AOMG Artists

I’m looking for people who love and have a passion for this. So [I] can give them the tools, the support to have a long, meaningful career.

— Jay Park


Watch the full interview here: