Here Are 4 Things That Are Rarely Seen In K-Pop

Number 4 should be more common.

While there are lots of common things seen in K-Pop, such as most K-Pop groups having a leader, there are also some things that are hardly ever seen. Here’s a list of some things that are rarely seen in K-Pop.

1. Co-ed groups

Most of the groups in K-Pop are either boy groups or girl groups, and co-ed groups are rarely ever seen. One possible reason for this is that historically in K-Pop, co-ed groups haven’t been as successful as all-male or all-female groups. However, there are still some co-ed groups present in K-Pop, such as KARD.

2. K-Pop groups having more than 1 leader

While most K-Pop groups have a designated leader, it’s quite rare for a group to have multiple leaders. However, some groups do have more than 1 leader, such as ONF.

ONF is divided into two teams, which is the ON team and the OFF team. The ON team’s leader is Hyojin, while the OFF team’s leader is J-Us.

3. Idol siblings being in the same group

While it’s common to see K-Pop idols have siblings in different groups, it’s quite rare to see idol siblings in the same group, but it has happened. One example is the group Crayon Pop, as members Way and Choa are identical twins.

4. Idols being open about their relationship

K-Pop idols dating has always been a tricky topic, as some netizens and “fans” believe that idols shouldn’t date, since it would ruin the “fantasy” about idols. Due to this, whenever idols do decide to date, they choose to not talk about their relationship. However, there have been some couples who chose to be open about their relationships, such as HyunA and Dawn.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

HyunA and Dawn have no problem showing off their relationship whenever they’re in public, as they have gone on multiple broadcasts together and shown how much they love each other.

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