4 Times K-Dramas Tried Selling Waterproof Cellphones In The Most Ridiculous Ways

“Panic” is never involved.

Product placement in K-Dramas is inevitable. When done right, it can reel in a lot of sales and new customers. From fashion brands to electronics, Korean companies are constantly sponsoring K-Dramas so they can advertise their products mid-episode for maximum reach. Unfortunately, some of the more abrupt product placement efforts become too obvious and obnoxious for the viewers — and ultimately ruin the episode for breaking its flow. When waterproof cellphones first came out, these 4 K-Dramas tried selling them… but the viewers couldn’t help but laugh at their rather comical attempts.

1. Triangle (2014)

In 2014’s Triangle, actor Im Si Wan drops his phone under the faucet… but nonchalantly leaves it there while he takes his meds. If you have ever dropped your phone anywhere, you know very well this is not the level of calmness that ensues after.

2. Marriage Contract (2016)


By 2016’s Marriage Contract, the waterproof cellphone product placement has stepped up its game. Actor Lee Seo Jin tosses the phone in a bowl of water, hoping he could dodge calls from his father… but it continues to ring. So the next time you’re trying to ghost phone calls… the water bowl is a no go.

3. Goodbye Mr. Black (2016)



In Goodbye Mr. Black from 2016, actor Lee Jin Wook takes the idea of “waterproof” to a whole new level when he ends up washing the phone with soapy water. It sure did convey, “Dirty phone? Worry not. Your waterproof cellphone can be washed too like dirty plates.”

4. Voice (2017)

By 2017’s Voice, K-Dramas have learned to make it as quick and casual as possible. Here’s Super Junior‘s Yesung who perfected the most cliché waterproof cellphone product placement run — by dropping it in a sink, picking it up while quickly cleansing it under water, then answering it like it’s nbd.

Source: Nate Pann