4 Times Korean Actors Got Involved In Ridiculous Dating Rumors

Number 4 ended up happening due to some simple kind actions!

While it’s quite common for K-Pop idols to get involved in ridiculous dating rumors, there have also been plenty of times when it’s happened to Korean actors. Here’s a list of some times when Korean actors got involved in ridiculous dating rumors.

1. Won Bin & Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

Won Bin

Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

These two got involved in dating rumors when Celebrity X-Files claimed that the two were in a romantic relationship. This would have been big news at the time, as Sooyoung was already dating Jung Kyung Ho.

Jung Kyung Ho

Their respective agencies quickly released statements and stated that the rumors were false and that the two had never even met each other!

2. Park Bo Young & Kim Hee Won

Park Bo Young

Kim Hee Won

These two got involved in a dating rumor when they visited a café together, and footage of their visit got leaked.

This simple footage ended up sparking a dating rumor between the two. It got to the point where Park Bo Young had to personally address the rumor.

A dating rumor…? I feel so old now that I’ve been involved in a dating rumor.

This is not true. Hee Won sunbae-nim and I met on Hot Young Bloods and Collective Invention. We’re good friends and industry colleagues, though we have an age difference. We do meet up to eat, that part is true. We also drink tea too!!! And when we went to Youngdeok to have steamed crab, the director for Collective Invention came with us… Like… The three of us… T-T Since I don’t have an agency, it is harder for me to get press on these matters. But I thought I could at least clarify like this.

I also plan on asking the cafe in Youngdeok to take down the screenshots from the CCTV. I mean, I never agreed to it, so… Anyway, what a surprise to start off 2020. Happy New Year! And those of you who write things without fact-checking first… I can’t help… but resent you. And I guess people can talk about seeing me, but those who make up entire scenarios… I’ll keep my eyes on you. But when you cross the line, I’ll take legal action. Thank you! Have a good day!

— Park Bo Young

3. Lee Min Ho & Taylor Swift

Lee Min Ho

Taylor Swift

In 2016, these two got involved in a dating rumor when an article suggested that Lee Min Ho would be a good match with Taylor Swift. This somehow sparked rumors that the two were in a relationship. Lee Min Ho’s agency soon released a statement on how the two had never even met each other. Lee Min Ho’s agency even laughed due to how ridiculous the rumors were.

4. Sung Hoon & Park Na Rae

Sung Hoon

Park Na Rae

Sung Hoon is extremely sweet to Park Na Rae, as he’s been shown multiple times doing kind actions towards her.

These simple actions caused netizens to believe they were dating. Sung Hoon eventually addressed the rumors and stated that he wasn’t dating anyone.