Café Owner Reveals How the Dating Rumor Between Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won Started

He apologized for the troublesome mishap.

SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight recently visited the café where the dating rumor between Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won began and spoke to the owner regarding the scandal.

Ahead of this interview, a CCTV footage of Park Bo Young went viral online, sparking rumors that she was dating actor Kim Hee Won, which both Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won’s agency denied.

Regarding this incident, the café owner apologized and explained what happened.

I wanted to brag about the fact that Park Bo Young and Kim Hee Won came to my café, so I posted a CCTV footage of them on the wall, which led to the scandal. I sincerely apologize.

– Café Owner

He explained that he normally takes photos with celebrities who visit his shop, but that Park Bo Young wasn’t interested in doing so.

When celebrities visit my shop, I’m honored. So I usually take photos with them and get their autograph. But Park Bo Young didn’t want to take a photo, so I just got her autograph. I was sad that I couldn’t get a photo of her, so I captured a CCTV footage and put it up with her autograph.

– Café Owner

But the café owner clarified that he was not the one who made it go viral online.

I think a customer of mine took a photo of it and spread it online. I didn’t know it would escalate like this. I feel really bad. After the incident, I took down all of the celebrity photos from my wall.

– Café Owner

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch