4 Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Pushed Through Hardships To Perform For Her Beloved Fans

Jeongyeon is one of the hardest working idols out there.

No one can ever doubt Jeongyeon‘s love for ONCEs. Not only does the TWICE star show them love at fan events and on social media, she always does her best to perform for them—even when life gets in the way. Just take a look at 4 times Jeongyeon pushed through hardships to put on the best stage for fans.

1. When her eye was hurt

TWICELIGHTS in Manila, Philippines was a tough show for TWICE. While they were excited to greet their Filipino fans, many of the members were injured or unwell—including Jeongyeon.

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Jeongyeon had a stye on her eye at the time and had to wear an eye-patch to heal it. Performing with vision in just one eye can’t be easy, but Jeongyeon handled it like a trooper and gave fans amazing performances all night long.

2. When her dog passed away

Jeongyeon is a huge pet lover, often volunteering at animal shelters with her friends and family. So, there’s no doubt it hit her hard when her beloved pooch Bbosong sadly passed away in June last year.

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Jeongyeon was supposed to take a flight to Bangkok with the rest of TWICE that day, but Bbosong’s passing kept her from traveling with the rest of the group.

But despite her grief, Jeongyeon eventually made it to Thailand to perform at TWICELIGHTS. The whole ordeal was so difficult for her that she broke down in tears during ballad “After Moon”, but she still did her best to make it a happy night for fans.

3. When she was hospitalized

During “More & More” era, fans were bewildered by Jeongyeon’s lack of individual fancams at music shows. Eventually, she took to live broadcast to explain that she asked staff not to film her because she’d suffered an injury.

Just a week before the comeback, Jeongyeon was diagnosed with a herniated neck disc and had to undergo a medical procedure to treat it. Since she was in hospital, she was unable to practice properly for “More & More” stages.

But despite that, she still showed up to music shows and gave the performances her all.

4. When she had to stay seated

Unfortunately, it seems Jeongyeon’s neck still isn’t healed. Just days before TWICE’s online concert, World in a Day, JYP Entertainment told fans Jeongyeon would be unable to dance due to health problems.

But after TWICE’s tour was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, Jeongyeon was eager to greet fans again. So, she decided to perform seated despite her injury.

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