4 Times Wrestler John Cena Was The Sweetest ARMY Fanboy

He even learned Korean for them.

After accidentally posting a photo of J-Hope on Instagram and facing an influx of fans educating him on BTS, professional wrestler John Cena quickly became an ARMY himself. It’s been two years, but John’s love for the group has only become deeper over time. Take a look at 4 of his sweetest ARMY fanboy moments.


1. When he spoke Korean for them

Back in an Entertainment Tonight interview in 2018, BTS talked about how they’d love to meet John Cena. Jimin adorably piped up in English, “John Cena, are you ARMY?”.

Naturally, John had to reply to the clip on Twitter with his own video assuring the group of his place in the fandom. The sweetest part? He said, “I’m an ARMY” in Korean!

John used the literal translation of ‘army’ (‘goondae’) in his video message rather than the correct Korean form of ARMY, but it’s even sweeter that he went to the effort of translating the message into BTS’s language.

2. When he gushed about them on TV

On The Late Late Show with James Corden in January 2020, John Cena was joined by actress January Jones. When she revealed she snapped a photo with BTS despite not even being a fan, John was understandably jealous.

But when questioned whether he was a real ARMY, he couldn’t help but gush about why he became such a big fan.

I began to… listen to the message they send their fans and it’s one of self-love and self-reflection and being confident in yourself even though you may be different… They’re sending a good message through their music and I think that’s really cool.”

— John Cena

3. When he asked to become their bodyguard

Given how many people want to get close to them, it’s a given that BTS need bodyguards. And as a professional wrestler, John felt he was strong enough to handle the task—so much so that he applied to be their bodyguard on Twitter.

4. When he revealed how BTS share his values

In an interview for Playing With Fire, where John Cena plays a smokejumper, he revealed what he finds inspirational about BTS. John said that his rule in life is to live honestly and try to be true to who you are so you can achieve your best.

And as an ARMY, he knows that BTS preach the same thing.

BTS touches on self-care and self-love. Loving yourself and being OK with who you are is the first step to being like “Well, these are the things I would like to accomplish”

— John Cena

He also talked about the downtime BTS had been having before their comeback, and shared that he’s also recently learned how good and productive rest can be.