4 Unusual K-Pop Groups Who Decided To Change Their Leader

Group 4 went through leader changes multiple times! 

K-Pop groups having members change positions is quite common, as plenty of idols have changed their position after progressing their skills. However, the leader position is also one that can go through changes, as there have been moments when K-Pop groups decided to change their leader. Here’s a look at 4 unusual K-Pop groups who decided to change their leader.


WINNER was created through the survival show WIN: Who Is Next, and during the show, Mino was the original leader of the group.


However, halfway through the show, Mino ended up hurting his ankle and couldn’t lead the group during practices. Due to this, Yang Hyun Suk decided to change the leader to Seungyoon.


Even after Mino healed from his ankle injury, Seungyoon remained the leader of the group.

2. CLC

When CLC debuted in 2015, their original leader was Seunghee.


In 2016, the group ended up adding two additional members, Eunbin and Elkie. Due to this, Seunghee decided to step down as the leader of the group, as she wanted CLC to be more solid. Seungyeon ended up becoming the leader of the group after Seunghee stepped down.


3. Cross Gene

When Cross Gene debuted in 2012, Takuya was the leader of the group.


However, Takuya ended up stepping down as the leader of the group in 2013, as he felt burdened by the position. After this, Shin became the official leader of Cross Gene.


4. T-ara

T-ara is a unique group, as they have a rotating system in place for the leader position. Seemingly every year, the group changes its leader, as their company wants each member to experience what it’s like being the leader. When the group debuted in 2009, their leader was Jiae.


Jiae ended up leaving the group a few months later, and the leader was changed to Eunjung


After around a year of Eunjung being the leader, Boram became the leader.


Hyomin was the next member to become the leader of the group.


After Hyomin, Soyeon was appointed as the leader of the group.


Qri was the next member to be appointed as the leader and is the current leader of T-ara.