4 Worst Injuries That Ever Happened To Red Velvet Members

Thank goodness they were able to recover fully from these injuries!

1. Yeri & Seulgi’s car accident

On October 10, 2016, Yeri and Seulgi, who were riding a taxi back to their dorm, got into a car accident with a garbage truck around Seongsu-dong, Seoul. The two idols suffered some bruises and minor injuries but were treated right away and were able to fully recover after spending some time resting at home.

Despite their full physical recovery, Yeri once explained on Tei’s Dream Radio that she is suffering from emotional trauma caused by the accident and has trouble sleeping in the car because she is worried about her safety.


2. Joy’s leg injury

Joy had injured her leg back in 2016. Apparently, the recording of Red Velvet’s performance on Music Core as well as other music programs had to be stopped and their fansign event also had to be canceled due to the pain in her leg. She later appeared on The Show wearing a knee brace and completed an admirable performance.


2. Irene’s ankle

Irene was seen limping on the red carpet at the 31st Golden Disk Awards. She was holding Yeri’s hand for support and seemed to have some difficulty walking.

Although it is unclear how she injured herself, she did reveal through a live vlog that her foot was fine. A few months later, however, she was spotted screaming on stage during a performance of “Red Flavor” on SBS Inkigayo. She had apparently twisted her ankle yet again, but luckily she had apparently screamed out of surprise more than anything else.


4.  Joy passes out on stage

During a performance of “Happiness”, Joy briefly passed out after being frightened by the stage effects. Even before she fell to the floor, she did not look so well. According to students at the performance, Joy continued to cry and was shivering as she came down the stage. Many praised her for her professionalism.

Source: SE Daily and Sports Seoul

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