These 6 Idols From 4th Generation K-Pop Have Voices So Unique, You’d Recognize Them Anywhere

They are the ones who make K-Pop irresistible.

What makes K-Pop as irresistible as it is? The out-of-this-world visuals? Yes. The flawlessly synchronized choreographies? Also yes. But most importantly and inarguably, it’s the sheer amount of talent that the industry serves which keeps us hooked.

Here are 6 idols from the 4th generation of K-Pop groups whose voices are so unique that we simply can’t not recognize them!

1. Aespa’s Winter

When aespa’s Winter sang IU‘s “Secret Garden” (originally by an older Korean singer Lee Sang Eun) on Knowing Bros, oh—it completely melted our hearts. Winter’s soothing yet strong, comforting and convincing tone of voice is undeniably going to lead the 4th generation of K-Pop!

2. ONF’s MK

If there is one song, one video that could represent ONF’s MK, it’s actually his cover of Conan Gray‘s “Maniac.” While MK’s voice blends beautifully with all the ONF songs, it brings a whole new vibe when presented solo. Some say it sounds “naturally autotuned,” which explains why once we hear it—we can’t help but remember it.

3. STAYC’s J

STAYC J’s rich, deep voice is one and only in not only the 4th generation but all of K-Pop. It’s the right amount of raspy, husky, and sexy—so when we hear it, it hooks us right away. The wildest part? J is also the group’s rapper. And when she raps with this voice? It is sheer glory.

4. VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon

The thing about VERIVERY Gyehyeon’s voice is that it’s crispy clear, though at the same time, it can be husky and sexy. Super Junior‘s Leeteuk once commented that Gyehyeon’s voice “has a trendy color to it.” Dubbed “an excellent vocalist” by the K-Drama Itaewon Class‘s director, Hyehyeon is not only talented at singing but also super skilled at composing and writing lyrics.


PURPLE KISS’s Swan debuted in 2021, but her experience in the K-Pop industry date far back—thanks to her one-of-a-kind voice. While many associate Swan’s voice to be similar to Billie Eilish‘s, it is set apart by versatility. Maximizing the soul and R&B vibes in her voice, Swan can match any song and any genre with her own twist! And we stan a queen of many faces.

6. Stray Kids’ Felix

As part of the group that opened doors for fellow 4th generation K-Pop idol groups, Stray Kids’ Felix is a rapper whose deep, echoey voice slaps. And Felix is always and forever going to be mentioned whenever we discuss “unique voices” in the industry—because there is no way we are ever getting over his “cooking like a chef, I’m a 5 star Michelin.” Like… yeah, no. There is no way.

Source: THEQOO