Top 4 “All-Rounder” 4th Gen Female Idols, According To K-Netizens

Is #3 your bias?

Whether the category is visuals, stage presence, vocals, dance skills, or anything else, these idols take the cake! According to K-Netizens, these 4 female idols are some of the best all-rounders of the 4th generation. Check out their choices below.

1. Yujin (IVE)

From Yujin’s visuals to her skills on stage, she is a strong allrounder of the 4th generation.

Additionally, her leadership qualities proves she can do it all!

2. Winter (aespa)

Not only does Winter have a gorgeous voice…

…her visuals are unmatched!

3. Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM)

Chaewon’s stage presence makes her an obvious choice as an allrounder.

There’s nothing she can’t do!

4. Hanni (NewJeans)

From her dance skills to her charisma, Hanni has it all.

She’s the “total package” when it comes to being an idol.

Source: theqoo