Here’s How Many Wins Each 4th Generation Girl Group Has Scored Since Debut

From IVE to NMIXX, here’s how it’s going.

The 4th generation of girl groups in K-Pop is proving to be a strong bunch. Following in the footsteps of their sunbaes, these girls have all been labeled as “monster rookies” from the get-go. It is not an exaggeration to say that each of these groups has driven heavy buzz right from their debut. With most of these groups in their first or second-year debut, here’s how many wins they’ve scored so far.

1. IVE

IVE’s definitely in the lead in terms of wins. They’re not even a full year into their career but they already have 26 wins under their belt. In the short 9 months, they’ve had a total of 3 comebacks and each one is more successful than the last.

IVE. | Starship Entertainment


As one of the few K-Pop groups made purely out of Korean members, they rose to the top based on their own talent and skills. Fans are especially proud of them as they come from a small agency. They’ve had 5 promotions and 11 wins in these 2 years.

STAYC. | High Up Entertainment

3. aespa

aespa made a splash with “Black Mamba”. Their shocking AI concept was fresh and new in the world of K-Pop, winning over fans who are familiar with the metaverse. They’ve had 5 promotions and 11 wins. But fans find it a pity that they’ve only had 5 title tracks so far in their career and demand for more of the girls.

aespa. | SM Entertainment

4. Newjeans

Hot rookies to watch out for, the young team barely debuted for a week before they clinched their first win. They’re the name on everyone’s lips as they sweep up fans. Despite only having one song so far, they already have 5 wins under their belt.

NewJeans. | ADOR


LE SSERAFIM also only has released one song so far, “Fearless”. Despite this, they’ve had 4 wins in the short three weeks they promoted their song. The catchy tune and dance were everywhere!


6. Kep1er

Kep1er had a strong start with their debut through Girls Planet 999. Since then, they’ve released two title songs in Korean, leading them to 4 wins in total. Not bad for a rookie group!

Kep1er. | CJ E&M


NMIXX’s debut song “O.O” was met with divided opinions. While there was absolutely zero question about the girls’ skills, visuals, and potential, the song was less than public-friendly and failed to climb the charts. Despite 0 wins, the girls are always highly mentioned on social media for their infinite talent.

NMIXX. | JYP Entertainment

With comeback season around the corner for many of these groups, here’s wishing them even greater success!

Source: Idol Issue