5 Actors Who Look Like Everyone’s First Love In Their School Uniforms

School uniforms never looked this good.

A student’s life is characterized by studying, earning a degree, and for many, falling in love. There are a number of celebrities who have played roles in dramas who perfectly match the “heartthrob boy in class” trope.

Here are 5 stars with warm visuals and personalities that make them seem like everyone’s first love!

1. Ong Seong Wu

When Ong Seong Wu starred in the popular JTBC drama At Eighteen, Ong Seong Wu has made headlines for a lovely portrayal of an average, lonely high school student forming new relationships. This isn’t the first time fans see him wearing a uniform. He has previously showed off his uniform physique in Produce 101 Season 2.

2. Song Kang

Actor Song Kang was in the spotlight for his Netflix drama Love Alarm. He plays the character Hwang Sun Oh, a popular male student from a wealthy family. Song Kang turned heads for looking as if he came straight out of a cartoon.

3. Choi Bomin

Choi Bomin is not only a member of Golden Child but also an actor in the web drama A-Teen 2. Born in 2000, it’s no wonder his natural and warm charm shows brightly in his uniform.

4. Block B’s P.O.

Block B‘s P.O. received praise for his performance in “Hotel Del Luna.” With his bangs, wide smile, and old school uniform, fans are comparing him to a cute puppy love.

5. Yoo Seungho

Finally, actor Yoo Seungho melted hearts as a high school student in the SBS drama My Strange Hero. Born in 1993, he may have been out of high school for years but he still matches the role perfectly.

Do you know any other actors who look good in a uniform?