These 5 Actresses Once Claimed Looks Didn’t Matter To Them But Their Partners Say Otherwise

Liar, liar, pants on fire 😂

Everyone has an ideal type, whether it’s about the looks, personality or compatibility. Even our favorite stars have them. In a funny twist of events, here are 5 Korean actresses who said looks don’t matter to them, but they managed to end up with some of the most attractive partners.

1. Shin Min Ah

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First up we have the ever gorgeous, Shin Min Ah. Known for her crazy visuals and adorable dimples, the actress and her ideal type has always been a hot topic amongst netizens. While she has been relatively quiet in the acting industry, her previous ideal type answer has been circulating online. On an episode of MBC‘s Section TV, she revealed that she doesn’t care for looks and that she wants “someone who will only be loving, kind, warm and caring towards me. I want to be able to feel his love for me.”

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Well color fans surprised when Shin Min Ah admitted that she was dating incredibly handsome actor, Kim Woo Bin back in 2015! While Kim Woo Bin is probably kind, loving, caring and warm towards Shin Min Ah, we can’t help but chuckle at the fact that he may be one of the most good looking actors in Korea. Their dating news may have once shocked the public, but they quickly became one of Korea’s beloved couples. Shin Min Ah proved her love to Kim Woo Bin by staying with him and accompanying him to his numerous cancer treatments. We truly love their love story but you may want to rethink your ideal type description, Shin Min Ah-sshi.

2. Park Shin Hye

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Actress Park Shin Hye is next up on this list. The actress is known for all her notorious works, such as Heartstrings, The Heirs and Memories of the Alhambra. She is always in banger after banger and we can’t help but think it’s because of her flexible acting abilities. The actress revealed on an interview segment for her tvN drama, Cyrano Dating Agency that she “likes a tall man.” She also further shared with viewers of KBS2‘s Entertainment Weekly that she wants “a man she can a lean on” and that other physical qualities don’t matter to her.

Again, surprise surprise to all of Korea because she is dating suave actor Choi Tae Joon, who is known for both his tall height and good looks. Standing at 6 feet tall, it’s obvious that Park Shin Hye’s ideal type is shown through her boyfriend. His handsome looks, however, tell a much different story! Having met at their university, the two actors began their relationship as close friends. With time, however, the friendship eventually evolved into a romantic relationship and they have been going strong since 2018.

3. Son Ye Jin

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Actress Son Ye Jin and her beauty has been continuing to stand the test of time. She has been a household name for many years within the Korean acting industry. She continues to impress netizens with her acting abilities, with appearances as the female lead in numerous hit dramas, such as Something in the Rain and Crash Landing On You. With her popularity, the topic of her ideal type has come up regularly to which she has always had the same response. “I would like someone who I can have a good conversation with. Someone who can look at my face and just tell what mood I’m in. I don’t care about looks”.

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Well Son Ye Jin, explain yourself because you managed to snag Korea’s hottest “it” actor as of right now! On January 1st, Dispatch released their highly anticipated couple for the new year and it turned out to be Crash Landing On You stars Son Ye Jin and actor Hyun Bin. While they have been wrapped up in dating rumors before, both labels finally confirmed it just a few days ago after Dispatch released several photos of them on dates. Seriously Ms. Son Ye Jin, you need to provide an explanation because Hyun Bin is as gorgeous as they come!

4. Lee Na Young

Up next on our list is the classy actress Lee Na Young. She has an alluring, yet classic kind of beauty that brings envy to netizens without fail. While she hasn’t been active as an actress since 2018 with her last drama being Romance is a Bonus Book, she is always loved by the public even if she takes a hiatus. Before she got married, Lee Na Young told the cast of Infinity Challenge that she also does not look at a man’s physical qualities. During a game of “Ideal World Cup” with the Infinity Challenge members, she revealed that “looks don’t have a big say in my (ideal world cup) selections”.

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The actress proved everyone wrong, however, by marrying Korea’s most sought after bachelor, Won Bin. Won Bin has had the title of “Korea’s heartthrob” for decades, especially since he has managed to be scandal free within his impressive 24 year career. When the shocking news came out about the two actors, Lee Na Young hilariously addressed her previous ideal type comments by saying, “you’re right, I did say that I didn’t look at one’s physical looks but I never said I didn’t like handsome men”. The two gorgeous actors got married back in 2015, causing an uproar due to their unfair good looks.

5. Go So Young

Last but not least, is the beautiful actress Go So Young. Go So Young is a veteran in the acting industry, having numerous popular works under her belt. While she hasn’t been active since 2017, she has different ways of making headlines. On an episode of SBS‘s Healing Camp, the actress shared that “my ideal type is someone who is quiet and seems a bit lonely.” On SBS’s Night of TV Entertainment, she further revealed information about her ideal type by saying, “I get burdened by a man who has double eyelids and is pretty looking. I don’t look at looks at all.”

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Again, we have another actress who proved her ideal type wrong because she married the one and only heartthrob of all middle aged women across the nation, Jang Dong Gun. The actor, who boasts his incredible good looks even in his 40’s has always been highly sought after. He has always made it onto any “handsome Korean actors” list regardless of his age, proving that his handsome looks don’t fade even decades later. The two got married back in 2010, celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary just last year.

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