These Are 5 Amazing Charities That BTS’s ARMY Has Helped Raise Money For

ARMYs really have the power to do anything they set their minds to.

It isn’t unknown that BTS fans have raised money for various causes throughout the years, using their generosity and sheer numbers to raise donations for different organizations that deal with all sorts of important issues. The fan collective group called One In An ARMY was created specifically to organize campaigns for ARMYs to donate money for. And since their first campaign in April of 2018, they’ve been highly successful in their efforts! Here are 5 of the organizations that they’ve done a wonderful job raising money for.

1. Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International is an organization that provides medical assistance to refugees impacted by various disasters and conflicts across the globe. ARMY raised money specifically to help the Syrian refugee crisis that this organization helps provide relief for back in April 2018. Donations were received from 37 different countries, with a total of 149 donations raising $2,673 USD for Medical Teams International. This was enough funding to get $193k USD worth of medical supplies to clinics in high-need locations, or alternatively, keep a clinic in northern Syria open and fully operating for 3 months. This was the very first campaign run by One In An ARMY, and it was very successful!

2. Thirst Relief

This campaign ran in July of 2018, and raised $3,412 from 215 individual donations from over 40 countries. Thirst Relief provides clean water to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it, and the money raised from this campaign was enough to purchase 34 water filters, which can provide clean water for over 300 people for 25 years.

3. 100cameras

This organization provides cameras for kids in developing nations and teaches them how to tell their stories through photography, and helps them to sell their photography as well. In January of this year, One In An ARMY raised enough money to provide cameras for 10 kids in Nairobi, Kenya!

4. International Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR)

In May 2019, One In An ARMY raised $1,575 with donations from 22 countries for this organization! IRQR helps provide resources for LGBT+ kids living in poverty in Turkey and other countries who have had to flee from their homes due to persecution because of their sexuality. The money raised from this campaign was enough to cover a year’s worth of food for a refugee! As part of this campaign, ARMYs also sent letters of encouragement to refugees under the IRQR program.

5. Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission (KKOOM)

This campaign was run in August of 2018 as a way to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday, and the program KKOOM was chosen because of the maknae‘s gratitude to being raised with so much love from the older members of BTS. KKOOM, which is a play on the Korean word kkoom (꿈), meaning “dream”, is a program that provides school scholarships for orphans and under-privileged children in Korea. With the $3,840 raised from 278 donors in 40 different countries, this campaign was able to provide funding for 3 semesters of college for 2 kids under the program, as well as a full year of preschool scholarship for another. Like with the IRQR campaign, ARMYs also sent letters to the kids in the program as well!

ARMYs really have big hearts, and are making a huge positive impact on the world!