Here Are 5 Awesome Pictures of Bong Joon Ho Being Weird With His Oscars To Go Down In History

Simply legendary.

At the 92nd Academy Awards, Bong Joon Ho‘s Parasite won four history-making titles — putting him on the list as one of the most successful directors around the world. As co-producer Miky Lee mentioned in her Best Picture speech though, Bong Joon Ho comes with a great “sense of humor” which leaves him constantly “making fun of himself” and “never [taking] himself seriously.” And so in the press room, born were these 5 awesome pictures of Bong Joon Ho being weird-but-200%-himself with his brand new, shiny Oscars.

1. Drinking Them

In one of his many speeches throughout the night, Bong Joon Ho said he’ll be celebrating the victory with drinking. Here’s him practicing bottoms-up with his new trophy.

2. Making Them Kiss

Well then, Future Oscar winners, take note of Bong Joon Ho’s most creative pose: When you have two Oscars, you make them kiss. Duh.

3. Flaunting Them

Here is Bong Joon Ho holding his Oscars in an Avengers-type stance. His face says it all though: “I have not one, but two of these.” Or is it, “One for me, one for you”?

4. Using Them As Props

When posing with his producer Kwak Sin Ae, he made sure she was getting all the attention she needed — by making full use of the props in his hands.

5. Admiring Them All

Here is Bong Joon Ho and his golden babies. What a night!

Source: Oscars and GQ Korea